In their comment on our paper (Laurent et al., 2005), Regalado et al. (2006) suggest that an alternative logarithmic relationship between permittivity K and pseudo transit time t2 as measured with a TRIME TDR system: 
\[\mathrm{ln}(K)\ =\ 0.00478t_{2}\ +\ 0.34928,{\ }{\ }100\ {<}\ t_{2}\ {<}\ 900\]
may be more appropriate, general, or convenient than the linear relationship between square root of permittivity and pseudo transit time: 
\[\sqrt{K_{\mathrm{soil}}}\ =\ 0.0073t_{2}\ +\ 0.6366,{\ }{\ }100\ {<}\ t_{2}\ {<}\ 700\]
that we introduced on the basis of a laboratory experiment conducted on a natural soil.

To further test...

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