Duing the course of research using suction lysimeters, it became apparent that simple modifications to the lysimeters could save both time and money. The procedure for extracting samples was inefficient and there was potential for cross-contamination of samples. In addition, wildlife was damaging the lysimeters, causing project delays and costly repairs. Relatively simple and inexpensive modifications to the lysimeters were made to remedy both of these problems without having to purchase new lysimeters. The suction lysimeters were retrofitted with permanent sample extraction tubes and quick-connects to increase the efficiency of sample extraction and to reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination of samples. A protective PVC casing was installed around the lysimeters to prevent wildlife tampering. These casings also served to prevent lysimeter damage from a grass fire at the study site. These modifications increased sampling efficiency by 50% and eliminated damage to lysimeters caused by wildlife and fire.

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