Stenomylus (Stenomylus) taylori is a new species of stenomyline camel from the early Hemingfordian (early Miocene) of New Mexico. The holotype, F:AM 50858, a palate with left and right P2 –M3, was collected from the Blick Quarry, which is in the Chamisa Mesa Member of the Zia Formation. Stenomylus (Stenomylus) taylori is a derived species diagnosed by greatly reduced premolars, length of P2 –P4 shorter than in any other species of Stenomylus (Stenomylus), less well-developed parastyles and metastyles on P4 –M2, M3 with weak parastyle and well-developed metastyle forming a heel, M3 extremely hypsodont with open roots, and anteroposteriorly short internal nares. Stenomylus (Stenomylus) taylori is the sixth named species in the genus Stenomylus and shows that the locus of stenomyline evolution apparently shifted southward during the early Miocene (late Arikareean or earliest Hemingfordian).

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