Roehler's Coryphodon Catastrophe Quarry (Wasatch Formation, lower Eocene) in the Washakie Basin, Wyoming is a paucispecific assemblage containing a minimum of 10 individuals from a single population of cf. Coryphodon anthracoideus. The RCCQ Coryphodon assemblage provides a relatively rare opportunity to assess intraspecific variation in a genus that has historically been difficult to classify due to variation from specimen to specimen and species to species. Variation in metric features of the dentition (i.e., length, width, and molar area) in the RCCQ Coryphodon is within the range observed in comparable sexually dimorphic extant species. The RCCQ Coryphodon assemblage is also compared to another paucispecific, single population assemblage of Coryphodon molestus from New Mexico. Intraspecific metric variation characterizing these two assemblages is also comparable. In both assemblages, overall intraspecific metric variation is most pronounced in the third molar, suggesting sexual dimorphism as the source of variation.

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