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A rodent fauna was collected from three localities in the Almagre facies of the San Jose Formation, San Juan Basin, New Mexico. The fauna contains approximately 350 isolated rodent teeth, predominantly from the Sciuravidae. The taxa include Knightomys depressus, Pauromys sp., Lophiparamys debequensis, Paramys copei, Paramys excavatus, Mattimys kalicola, and two new species (Apatosciuravus jacobsi and Knightomys cf. K. minor). Microparamys reginensis has been placed in the genus Knightomys based on discovery of the upper dentition and additional specimens of lower dentition. This is the first record of Mattimys kalicola, Lophiparamys debequensis, and Pauromys in the San...

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