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The genus Catopsalis Cope includes eight species (C. matthewi, C. catopsaloides, C. joyneri, C. alexanderi, C. foliatus, C. utahensis, C. fissidens, C. calgariensis) spanning Late Cretaceous through late Paleocene/early Eocene time on two continents, Asia (first two taxa) and North America (last six taxa). A cladistic analysis of dental and palatal features within the Taeniolabididae (which includes Catopsalis, Kamptobaatar, Lambdopsalis, Prionessus, Sphenopsalis, and Taeniolabis) indicates that Catopsalis is a paraphyletic taxon, composed of no fewer than five independent monophyletic groups. Taeniolabis is a monophyletic taxon, and Lambdopsalis, Prionessus, and Sphenopsalis (individually monophyletic by monotypy) together form another...

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