Accurate velocity models for the near surface and overburden are needed for seismic processing and reliable depth imaging. Seismic with multiphysics data, well logs, and geology information need to be quantitatively integrated to obtain high-resolution velocity models. We detail our development and application of the joint wavefield inversion software platform, which enables flexible algorithmic schemes for the integration of multiparameter data and constraints. Inversion is performed in cascade or simultaneously using a variety of input data to constrain the velocity field reconstruction at multiple scales. Coupling mechanisms based on structure similarity together with rock-physics relations are optimally combined to boost resolution and enhance accuracy of the inverted velocity models. Ill-posed inversion problems are then solved using extensive geologic and rock-physics regularization instead of relying on smoothness constraints alone. We detail workflows and algorithms to guide the application of multiparameter joint inversion for velocity model building whether the input data are seismic traveltimes, electromagnetics (time/frequency domains), gravity, and/or surface waves. Extensive applications of multiparameter joint inversion are presented for a variety of complex geologic scenarios in which various multiparameter coupling strategies are illustrated. Robust velocity modeling and enhanced seismic imaging in time and depth domains are obtained as a result, proving the importance of multiphysics integration for reliable earth model parameter estimation.

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