Separation of lithology from pore fill remains a daunting task, even if using elastic inversion. This is one of the unsolved problems for hydrocarbon prediction in Malaysian basins because of complexities coupled with lithologic trends and fluid responses, which produce an ambiguity due to equivalences. We address this problem and propose a unique transformation in which decoupling can be achieved. From the output of a constrained elastic inversion, a relationship of VP/VS and new attributes SQp and SQs related to attenuation by linking through rock physics can be derived. They are good proxies for gamma rays (SQp) and resistivity logs (SQs) and can clearly identify the zone of interest with hydrocarbon potential. These attributes can also be used for petrophysical-properties prediction with high accuracy. This breakthrough would have a considerable effect on hydrocarbon prediction and lithology discrimination. Other than being a hydrocarbon and lithology indicator, SQp and SQs can also potentially be used as input for prediction of petrophysical properties such as porosity, net-to-gross, water saturation, and resistivity transform from elastic properties.

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