A one-dimensional (1D) multichannel analysis of surface waves (MASW) seismic test is a quick and accurate sounding technique to collect VS at depth. Combining a series of MASW-derived VS soundings from specific depths is a convenient and cost-effective method of creating 3D maps. Three case studies provide useful examples of using MASW soundings to determine subsurface conditions. The depth to the top of rock is readily predicted from MASW soundings. In case study 1, the depth to the top of rock from multiple MASW soundings across a site provided an inexpensive, nonintrusive method of mapping the top of rock. Case study 2 presents the use of multiple MASW soundings to predict site-wide dynamic soil properties at depth. MASW soundings for case study 3 provided VS data that were used to successfully image a thin lacustrine deposit within 10 m of glacial till.

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