This is the final contribution to the trilogy of articles on global potential-field data compilations. Getech's continental and national magnetic data compilations commenced in 1989 and were designed specifically for use in petroleum and mineral exploration. These studies complemented the continental-scale gravity-compilation studies that were the subject of the TLE “Meter Reader” contributions in March and May of this year. The success of these projects resulted from strategic partnerships, especially with Paterson, Grant and Watson Ltd. (PGW), and links to a wide range of national organizations. Early compilations covering the whole of Africa, South America, and China were followed by large-scale, small-scale, and national compilations and continue to this day with compilations of U. S. surveys. The projects spawned a range of technical developments, including approaches to remove survey-line noise, the integration of survey grids and disparate ship-track data, and the preservation of the longest-wavelength anomalies associated with the crustal magnetic field. The resulting global gravity and magnetic grids now form an invaluable resource for resource exploration.

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