The 2015 SEG/AAPG Workshop, “Mesozoic Intrashelf Basins of the Middle East: Exploring and Development for Conventional Reservoirs and Unconventional Source Rocks,” was held 11–13 May 2015 and, like past workshops, was an outstanding success. This year, the focus addressed the common theme of how to image and model the 3D subsurface of intrashelf basins to economically target, find, and produce untapped hydrocarbon resources from its combined clastic and carbonate systems. The workshop was divided into a preworkshop field trip followed by technical sessions. The first day entailed a field trip to the modern sabkha carbonate depositional environment in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), aimed at studying the potential subsurface analogs for the Jurassic Arab and other similar reservoirs in the Middle East and North Africa. The technical sessions lasted approximately two days and discussed the technical understandings of intrashelf basins.

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