As an international geoscience company operating in ap-proximately 40 countries, CGG is keen to play a positive and active role in the communities that host its geophysical activities and permanent centers as part of its strong commitment to social responsibility. This role includes promoting awareness of and interest in geoscience among children and young adults to educate them in the nature of our business activities and inspire them to consider an education and future career in the geosciences. Whether in our geoscience sector or the wider E&P industry, there is consensus that we are faced with a growing shortage of qualified staff, principally because of an aging workforce and the increasing challenges companies face finding qualified science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) graduates, particularly in developed countries. At a time when science and technology applications are becoming increasingly prevalent — not only in our own industry but also in everyday society — it is vital that companies operating within a STEM industry take an active role in identifying and equipping the next generations of STEM graduates. Only by attracting, nurturing, and retaining the right talents can we be sure of securing our industry's continued development and safeguarding its future. Educating and training young people in the geosciences can contribute to this effort, and CGG pursues a sponsorship program of carefully selected education-related initiatives to help support these aims.

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