It seems that nearly every upstream oil and gas company (major, independent, service, and consultant) has an office in Houston, Texas, USA — which is often referred to as the energy capital of the world. Thus, there is a great need for professional geologists and geophysicists. This need will only become greater over the next decade because of the big crew change. U. S. immigration policy restrictions limit the number of work visas available for foreigners. Therefore, many geoscience professional societies, organizations, companies, and local universities provide some kind of geosciences outreach targeting Houston-area schoolchildren. Individuals also volunteer in local K-12 classrooms, math and science clubs, science museums, and general public science events and assist Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts earning geology merit/proficiency badges. The common goal is to inspire some of the local children to become the geoscientists of tomorrow and to fill the expected future vacancies in the U. S. oil and gas industry.

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