Earth Science Week 2015 (11–17 October) will engage millions of people in all 50 states and around the world in learning about the many ways scientists monitor and represent information about earth systems, including land, water, air, and living things. Through the “Visualizing Earth Systems” theme of this year's celebration, science educators, students, and others will explore what it means to see our planet through eyes informed by the geosciences. Each year, the American Geosciences Institute promotes better understanding of earth science and stewardship of the planet through Earth Science Week. A major addition to the 2015 celebration will be the launch of a new “Visualizing Earth Systems” Web page, linking educators to online visualizations that they can use in instruction. Additional new components of the program include a visualization online competition, stakeholder events linked to citywide celebrations, a video promoting the program, posters on the national parks, and an in-depth publication on the topic of geologic heritage produced in partnership with the National Park Service. Earth Science Week provides a wide variety of ways for geoscience professionals, such as exploration geophysicists, to become involved, share their expertise, strengthen the field, and celebrate earth science.

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