Multicomponent acquisition systems today record incomplete data because they do not measure rotations. Geophones or accelerometers provide linear motion and hydrophones provide pressure, but no current commercial acquisition system includes sensors that measure rotations. Without rotations, the data provide incomplete recording of the wavefield because in three dimensions, there are six degrees of freedom — three linear displacements and three rotations. In two small 2D seismic surveys recorded with six components, three-component geophones were deployed and three-component rotation sensors that measured pitch, roll, and yaw were deployed. Pitch was measured independently with closely spaced geophones. Measuring rotations with closely spaced geophones is not practical in production, but it can be used in research and development to validate rotation-sensor data. A comparison of pitch measured by two independent methods finds that they fit after instrument designature. Data provided by rotation sensors have additional value because they can be used in analysis of singular value decomposition (SVD) to identify and separate ground roll and body waves.

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