This is the last column of my two-year term as the coordinator for Bright Spots. I would like thank you for tracking the column and tracking new developments in Geophysics. I thank the editors for identifying Bright Spot papers, and thank Editor Tamas Nemeth for this enjoyable assignment. You might recall that we featured in the September-October column a paper by Gallardo et al. on integration of multiple geophysical data types (e.g., seismic and EM) using structure-coupled joint inversions. The authors applied a so-called “cross-gradient constraint” in the inversion. Such a constraint favors structural consistencies among the multiple types of model parameters. In the current issue of Geophysics, Lochbühler et al. present another application of structure-coupled inversion. Their twist is to impose a “structural similarity constraint” among different model parameter types for the joint inversion of geophysical (GPR) and hydrological data.

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