The Algerian offshore is part of the southern margin of the western Mediterranean Sea. The western part of this offshore area represents the transitional margin between the South Algero-Balearic Basin and the Alboran Basin. The study area includes the southern and eastern parts of the Alboran Basin and the northwestern part of the Algerian margin and is in the western part of the plate boundary between Eurasia and Africa (Figure 1). The Yusuf-Habibas Ridge is a major EW-striking structure of this complex plate boundary, separating the eastern and southern parts of the Alboran Basin from the South Algero-Balearic Basin (Martinez-Garcia et al., 2011, and references therein). The ridge played an important role during the Neogene Alboran westward block migration between the Africa and Iberia plates, while the Kabylies blocks migrated southward and accreted to Africa. Furthermore, the ongoing NW-SE convergence between Africa and Iberia has induced a new stress field, since 7 Ma ago, replacing an earlier stress field (Fernandez-Ibañez et al., 2007) and leading to reactivation and polyphased deformation on the main structures in the basin, including the Yusuf-Habibas Ridge.

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