Various reference volumes and seismological textbooks have tables of elastic constants for isotropic media expressed in terms of each other in order to present a quick, authoritative reference for translation of elastic constants from one set of parameters to another. As an example, one may possess seismic inversion results in terms of acoustic impedance, compressional-to-shear velocity ratio and density, yet prefer to interpret them in terms of the Lamé impedances, λρ (lambda-rho) and μρ (mu-rho), and possibly also λ/μ, the Lamé impedance ratio, as championed by Goodway (2001). The table presented here is developed from the tables of Sheriff (1991), and Mavko et al. (1998), with added material from Goodway (2001) and Helbig (1994). Its merit is to be more comprehensive than previous tables known to the author, but it also comes with a certain redundancy. Though there is a good probability that the reader may find the desired “translation” here, no such table will be complete, let alone perfect.

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