The SEAM Consortium and SEG subsidiary SEAM Corporation exist to provide the geophysical exploration community with geophysical model data for subsurface geological models at a level of complexity and size that cannot be practicably computed by any single company or small number of companies. (A general introduction to the SEAM initiative and Phase I Project can be found in TLE's June and August 2007 issues.) SEAM's Phase I Consortium, which recently commemorated its first full year of activity, now consists of 24 companies from the hydrocarbon and geophysical exploration industries. Quarterly meetings of the SEAM Management Committee, made up of representatives of all the participating companies and led by Chairman Kevin Bishop (of BHP Billiton), provide technical direction for this multifaceted project, while the functional body leading the technical development of the project consists of six committees (listed below). While these technical committees meet as needed, the co-chairs of the six committees meet monthly to coordinate their plans and progress.

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