I seriously question the usefulness of reciting what has happened to me during my 44 years as a geophysicist. It might be interesting to a few, but boring use of these pages to many others. There is one compelling reason that justifies it in my mind: how the story can shed light on the history of the science that drives our profession. We have a unique scientific story. It astounded me as I contemplated writing this document how much innovation and scientific development has taken place in the past four decades. And it is continuing even as I write. I could never cover it all. But the part which I personally experienced can be fitted into a mosaic of others' professional experiences to provide an exciting and informative picture of geophysics and its scientific development in the latter half of last century. It is my hope that some readers will document those scientific events which they experienced so that together we can provide a history of our endeavors. I would call this a worthy service to all geophysicists that follow us.

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