Norne Field, in the southern part of the Nordland II area in the Norwegian Sea approximately 100 km north of Aasgard Field, is producing from an FPSO. The main field is a horst block approximately 9 × 3 km (Figure 1). The reservoir rocks are sandstones of Lower and Middle Jurassic age. The hydrocarbon reserves consist of a gas cap (75 m), mainly situated in Garn Formation, and an oil leg (110 m), mainly situated in Ile and Tofte formations. The sandstones are very good quality with porosities and permeabilities of 25–32% and 200–2000 mD, respectively. Net-to-gross is close to 1 for most reservoir zones. Oil production started in 1997. The first 4D seismic survey was acquired in 2001, and 4D information has been actively used in subsequent reservoir management.

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