A hydrogeophysics workshop sponsored by the SEG Research Committee was recently held in Vancouver, Canada, to explore the science of geophysics as related to the exploration, development, remediation, storage, and monitoring of water resources. Rosemary Knight (Stanford University), Klaus Holliger (University of Lausanne), and David Hyndman (Michigan State University) organized the workshop with sponsorship from Schlumberger Water Services, ABEM, Geometrics, Geonics, Geotomographie, IRIS Instruments, Mount Sopris Instruments, and Sensors & Software. The Hydrogeophysics Workshop had strong attendance and third-party sponsorship that compares favorably with previous successful SEG exploration geophysics workshops. It was a good example of a recent effort by SEG to emphasize smaller, theme-based forums and workshops. More than one person had comments similar to: “I get my networking done at the large conventions, but I get my technology updates at these small meetings.” By all measures, this meeting was a huge success and the SEG Near-Surface Geophysics Section (NSGS) looks forward to future workshops held in collaboration with societies of allied disciplines.

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