Geophysical interpreters today take for granted the availability and access to computer workstation environments loaded with 2D/3D seismic surveys, well logs, geological studies, and GIS information. To appreciate what interpreters have at their disposal today, I have made an attempt to review the evolution of interpretation tools from the inception of SEG in 1930 to the present in 25-year increments. I have also described some possible interpretation scenarios for the year 2030, SEG's 100th Anniversary (Table 1). Obviously, I was not personally involved in interpretation in 1930 and 1955 (I was 2 years old), but I have talked with several veterans of the oil industry and reviewed numerous books and papers (especially the November 1980 issue of Geophysics which commemorates SEG's 50th Anniversary). I have been directly involved in interpretation for the 1980 and 2005 periods.

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