This article first appeared in the June 2004 issue of the CSEG Recorder. Editor Satinder Chopra submitted two sets of questions to different experts. The topic of multistreamers and multisources was broached by Guillaume Cambois (CGG), Helmut Jakubowicz (Veritas DGC), Nick Moldoveanu (WesternGeco), and Thorbjorn Rekdahl (PGS). A single question about feathering and poor repeatability in 4D acquisition was posed to Ola Eiken (Statoil) and Tony Curtis (WesternGeco). The answers have been condensed and adapted to TLE style. Reproduced with permission of CSEG. [Refer to Recorder for details, references, and figures in PDF format: http://www.cseg.ca/recorder/pdf/2004/06jun/06jun_03.pdf]

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