Seismological Research Letters is retracting the article “Preliminary Analysis of Strong Ground Motions in the Heavily Damaged Zone in Mashiki Town, Kumamoto, Japan, during the Mainshock of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake (Mw 7.0) Observed by a Dense Seismic Array” by Yoshiya Hata, Hiroyuki Goto, and Masayuki Yoshimi (Seismological Research Letters (2016) 87 (5): 1044–1049. published on 10 August 2016. This retraction is in response to the results of an investigation into allegations of specific research misconduct that occurred at Osaka University. The Investigation Committee set up by Osaka University determined that the lead author, Hata, fabricated the data presented in the article by manipulating data observed by seismographs installed by other institutes and by other means.