The state of Nevada is home to one of the most seismically active regions in the world, with crustal deformation associated with the Walker Lane transitioning into Basin and Range tectonics as one traverses from west to east across the state. Despite hosting numerous prominent earthquake sequences over the past century and beyond, at present, there exists no unified research‐quality earthquake catalog for the state and its surrounding region. Here, we present a newly compiled, high‐precision catalog of more than 180,000 earthquakes occurring around Nevada from 2008 to 2023. The data processing workflow to create this catalog includes an absolute location step that accounts for topography and 3D variations in subsurface wavespeed, and a relative relocation step that refines event positions using differential times measured from waveform cross‐correlation. We also provide an update to the local magnitude scale that better accounts for the observed distance attenuation of waveform amplitudes as well as local site effects. We describe some fundamental insights that can be derived from the new catalog, including regional variations in event depth distributions and sequence clustering statistics, and publish the catalog to the wider community to facilitate future research efforts.

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