In the original article Menichelli et al. (2022), a few citations and the author list that apply to publications using AlpArray Seismic Network were inadvertently omitted.

  1. The correct author list is as follows:

    Irene Menichelli, Pasquale De Gori, Francesco Pio Lucente, Luigi Improta, Luisa Valoroso, Paola Baccheschi, Samer Bagh, Caterina Montuori, Claudio Chiarabba, and the AlpArray Working Group.

  2. The missing reference to the Eastern Alpine Seismic Investigation (EASI) temporary deployment has been added in the following occurrences:

    • In the main text at the end of the second page: “We integrated waveform data recorded by Italian National Seismic Network (RSN)...

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