We present HVNEA tool (HV Noise and Earthquake Automatic analysis), a software package to automatically compute the horizontal‐to‐vertical spectral ratios (HV) on continuous months‐to‐years recordings, including both earthquake and ambient noise vibration. It is designed for processing large data sets of seismic signals, for example, from long‐term permanent or temporary stations belonging to monitoring networks, using free software and packages that are commonly adopted in the engineering–seismology community. HVNEA is in the form of Linux‐Unix shell scripts and packaged in a Docker image to run the code in any environment. It is designed to automatically download data from the main international repositories or from a local archive. The main achievement consists of the average HV as a function of time and saved in ASCII format, along with attractive and readable graphic plots to easily inspect the results. The analysis highlights the variation of the HV over a long span of time. HVNEA software package can be of great interest for big data analysts and seismic network operators, with regard to the site characterization analysis and for studies based on temporal variability of HV ratios over time.

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