We present free oscillations Python (FrosPy), a modular Python toolbox for normal mode seismology, incorporating several Python core classes that can easily be used and be included in larger Python programs. FrosPy is freely available and open source online. It provides tools to facilitate pre‐ and postprocessing of seismic normal mode spectra, including editing large time series and plotting spectra in the frequency domain. It also contains a comprehensive database of center frequencies and quality factor (Q) values based on 1D reference model preliminary reference Earth model for all normal modes up to 10 mHz and a collection of published measurements of center frequencies, Q values, and splitting function (or structure) coefficients. FrosPy provides the tools to visualize and convert different formats of splitting function coefficients and plot these as maps. By giving the means of using and comparing normal mode spectra and splitting function measurements, FrosPy also aims to encourage seismologists and geophysicists to learn about normal mode seismology and the study of the Earth’s free oscillation spectra and to incorporate them into their own research or use them for educational purposes.

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