New sensing techniques like the nodal geophones and distributed acoustic sensing enable a spatial sampling ratio that was unprecedentedly high in earthquake seismology. The much higher sampling of seismic wavefields that is close to the level in exploration seismology calls for a unified processing approach for multichannel seismic data regardless of the research interest, for example, oil and gas oriented or earthquake‐study oriented. Here, we present the first Python package for multichannel seismic data that benefits both communities, that is, exploration and earthquake seismology, called Pyseistr. The Pyseistr is a Python package that is designed to make full use of the structural patterns in multichannel seismic data to facilitate the data processing. The Pyseistr package currently includes several fundamental functions like slope estimation, structural mean and median filtering, and structural reconstruction of missing data. The Pyseistr package is continuously developed to include more functions that benefit both exploration and earthquake communities.

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