From June to August 2021, we deployed a dense seismic nodal network across the Hengill geothermal area in southwest Iceland to image and characterize faults and high‐temperature zones at high resolution. The nodal network comprised 498 geophone nodes spread across the northern Nesjavellir and southern Hverahlíð geothermal fields and was complemented by an existing permanent and temporary backbone seismic network of a total of 44 short‐period and broadband stations. In addition, we recorded distributed acoustic sensing data along two fiber optic telecommunication cables near the Nesjavellir geothermal power plant with commercial interrogators. During the time of deployment, a vibroseis survey took place around the Nesjavellir power plant. Here, we describe the network and the recorded datasets. Furthermore, we show some initial results that indicate a high data quality and highlight the potential of the seismic records for various follow up studies, such as high‐resolution event location to delineate faults and body‐ and surface‐wave tomographies to image the subsurface velocity structure in great detail.

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