To understand the seismic activity in the European Arctic, the seismic bulletins for the region should be as complete as possible. We present the collection results of a new seismic event bulletin of the European Arctic (70° to 90° N, −15° to 75° E) for the 24‐yr‐long period 1990–2013. The contribution describes in detail the merging of the different sources taken in account for the compilation, the homogenization of the data, and the relocation of the seismic events. With respect to the International Seismological Centre bulletin, the new bulletin contains 5957 new seismic events and 58,242 new seismic onset readings from stations mostly located at regional distances. The gains are distributed over the entire study region, with the most significant contributions across the Svalbard archipelago, along the Knipovich and northern Mohns ridges, as well as northern Fennoscandia.

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