The GEOFON program consists of a global seismic network, a seismological data center, and a global earthquake monitoring system. The seismic network has regional focus in Europe and North Africa as well as throughout the Indian Ocean, but it operates stations on all continents, including Greenland on the North American continental plate and Antarctica. The data center provides real‐time seismic data through the SeedLink protocol and historical data from its large archive that currently comprises 120 TB of temporary and permanent seismic network data from GeoForschungsZentrums and third‐party partners made available via standard services as part of the European Integrated Data Archive and within the International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks. GEOFON also provides global and rapid earthquake information. The rapid earthquake information service prioritizes fast information dissemination globally after moderate and large earthquakes based on automatic processing. Most operations are carried out using the SeisComP system. GEOFON distributes findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable data, services, products, and software free of charge, and it is used worldwide by hundreds of users and other data centers.

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