METEOR is an online tool dedicated to the generation of instrumental responses for seismological stations. This tool builds the complete response of the acquisition chain, while keeping the number of fields to be filled in very reduced. METEOR queries a very rich response databank, designed for the management of the French broadband seismological network (RESIF) and for many research projects involving velocimetric and accelerometric sensors over the last 20 yr. This tool is not intended to allow the management of metadata of an entire network, but to quickly build the instrumental responses of temporary stations. Information about the measuring instruments and their settings can be entered directly in the field, or later, back in the office. Instrument responses can be produced in the International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks Station Extended Markup Language format (FDSN StationXML) and the metadata‐only form of the Standard for Exchange of Earthquake Data (dataless SEED). METEOR is publicly available (see Data and Resources).

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