Microseism source characterization and its genesis play a key role in linking microseism records to prevailing atmospheric and oceanic conditions. In the present study, we analyzed the spatial and temporal distribution of microseisms in the Andaman‐Nicobar region using ocean‐bottom seismometers and nearby continental stations data for the deployment period of January–April 2014. We attempted to establish a linkage between microseisms and ocean wave parameters derived from the ERA5 dataset. The short‐period secondary microseisms (2–5 s) show a marked difference compared with long‐period secondary microseisms (6–10 s) and are associated with local climatology and geomorphology. In contrast, long‐period microseisms are related to distant sources in the South Indian Ocean. The primary microseisms (11–20 s) are weak in the Andaman region and do not correlate with any ocean wave parameters.

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