Following a governmental decision to build a national earthquake early warning system (EEWS) named TRUAA, the Geological Survey of Israel has upgraded the national Israeli Seismic Network with more than 100 stations countrywide. The stations are spread mainly along the main hazardous fault systems of the Dead Sea and Carmel‐Zfira, which potentially may produce Mw 7.5 earthquakes. Currently the system is shifting from the deployment phase into a testing phase in which the earthquake point‐source integrated code (EPIC) EEW algorithm is used. During the deployment phase, real‐time performance of the EEW algorithm has steadily improved, with alert delays (span between origin time and EEW alert time) reduced down to 3 s in some cases. We present an overview of TRUAA, the performance of EPIC during the deployment phase and during playbacks of historic events, as well as our suggested alert approach for Israel.

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