We implemented an automatic procedure to update in near‐real time (daily to hourly) a homogeneous catalog of Italian instrumental seismicity to be used for forecasting experiments and other statistical analyses. The magnitudes of all events are homogeneously revalued to be consistent with Mw standard estimates made by the Global Centroid Moment Tensor project. For the time interval from 1960 to 15 April 2005, catalogs and online resources available for the Italian area were merged and all magnitudes were homogenized to Mw according to empirical relationships computed using the chi‐square regression method, which properly consider the uncertainties of both variables. From 16 April 2005 to the present, an automatic procedure periodically downloads the data of the online bulletin of the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia and of online moment tensor catalogs from respective websites, merges the different sources, and applies traditional magnitude conversions to Mw. The final catalog is provided on a website for public dissemination.

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