Rescue work involving scanning and digitization research on historical analog seismograms nationwide in China was launched in 2017. A series of results have been accomplished. There are more than 13 million analog seismic records existing in China, and about 3 million of them were scanned by December 2019. The Second Monitoring and Application Center of China Earthquake Administration completed the phased construction of the “China Analog Seismic Record Rescue Project” in 2019, which has received a great deal of funding support. Most of the analog seismograms and geophysical records in China will be scanned in the following decade, the corresponding stations and instrument parameters will be also collected during this project to provide retrieval and download service. This article first introduces the survey statistics about scanning and digitalization progress of analog seismic records in China. Second, a management and service system for the storage and query of large scale of seismograms has been established based on distributed database and search engine. Finally, future prospects of the rescue work of analog seismograms are mentioned.

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