Ambient vibrations are nowadays considerably used worldwide for numerous types of engineering applications and scientific research. Geopsy and its companion tools are part of that landscape. Since the first release of the program package in 2005, as outcome of the European Union project Site Effects aSsessment from AMbient noisE, Geopsy has become a mature multiplatform open‐source package (released under GNU Public License version 3) that has already been recognized as a reference tool for analyzing ambient vibration data in the context of site characterization studies. The community of users has grown from a core group of researchers up to thousands of seismologists and engineers on every career level and on all continents. The versatility of geopsy allows for the processing of all kinds of data needed in site characterization studies, that is, from single station single trace to three‐component array recordings. In all of the aforementioned cases, the steps from field acquisition to the production of publication‐ready figures are covered and supported by user‐friendly graphical user interfaces or corresponding command‐line tools for the automation of the complete processing chain. To avoid black‐box usage, a number of lower‐level tools guarantee maximum flexibility in accessing and controlling processing results at any stage of the analysis.

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