The SISMOMex project represents more than 110 yr of seismological information from Mexico. Its objective is the preservation, search, recovery, systematization, reuse, and dissemination of data and information from the seismograms generated by the Servicio Sismológico Nacional (SSN, National Seismological Service of Mexico) and published material about earthquakes and seismology in Mexico. SISMOMex is the combination of resources in any format (print, electronic, multimedia, and so on) and their corresponding registry in a database and an institutional repository. The database and the repository have an interface for an online search, allowing access to open‐access materials, through a link to the electronic resources generated or acquired. The project seeks to preserve for the future all the products generated by the SSN since the beginning of its operations, and organize the “National Seismogram Library” (Sismoteca Nacional en Línea), which is the physical place that stores the seismograms generated by the SSN. Similarly, it allows, under citation, the reuse of the data by interested researchers and students. These seismograms contain unique and unreproducible information. With the project presented here, support is provided mainly to the scientific community, by directing the search of historical and present data and information on the seismic activity of Mexico to a single place.

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