To archive precious analog seismograms of major earthquakes that occurred in and around Japan, we have scanned selected analog seismograms from 113 stations deployed by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) and are constructing a database of the scanned digital images accessible through the website of the Headquarters for Earthquake Research Promotion (HERP) of the Japanese government. This project started in 2006 and was conducted by the Association for the Development of Earthquake Prediction. The database of HERP now contains more than 185,000 digital images of seismograms recorded during the period from 1884 to 1995. It includes seismograms of earthquakes that occurred in and around Japan and of some major teleseismic earthquakes. The oldest analog seismogram was recorded on 2 January 1884 at a station in Tokyo. The seismograms are the intellectual property of mankind, and the database of these digital images will be an important material for studies of past destructive earthquakes. Technological progress such as artificial intelligence image recognition technology will help to further explore the data.

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