The Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) seismic network has been in operation since 1988 and during this time has grown from 29 to 217 seismic stations providing real‐time monitoring of 32 active volcanoes in Alaska, as well as useful data for regional earthquake monitoring. Since 1988, AVO has detected 59 volcanic eruptions at Aleutian arc volcanoes, and 31 of these have been captured by local seismic instrumentation. As part of this monitoring effort, AVO has cataloged more than 120,000 earthquake hypocenters and magnitudes associated with volcanic processes throughout the arc. This high rate of volcanic activity provides an excellent opportunity to study seismicity associated with magmatic and eruptive processes and develop and refine analytical techniques to track volcanic seismicity and warn of hazardous eruptions. The network is currently undergoing an extensive upgrade, replacing aging short‐period analog seismometers with digital broadband instruments. These are expected to improve AVO’s seismic capability and further facilitate other geophysical instrumentation such as continuous Global Positioning System receivers, infrasound sensors, and web cams.

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