We present a joint inversion for empirical Green’s functions (EGFs) and high‐resolution non‐double‐couple (non‐DC) moment tensors. First, the EGFs are constructed using known moment tensors of earthquakes occurring in a small focal zone. Second, the estimated EGFs are applied to refine the original moment tensors used for constructing the EGFs. Because the EGFs describe the velocity model better than the standard GFs, the refined moment tensors are more accurate. The method is applied to real observations of earthquakes of the 2008 swarm in West Bohemia, Czech Republic, where tiny details in fracturing in the focal zone are revealed. Refined moment tensors indicate fault closing caused by compaction of fault gouge during fracturing process related to fault weakening by fluids in the focal zone. The application of the proposed inversion can improve moment tensors reported in existing local, regional, or global catalogs for areas with a concentrated seismicity.

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