We present the first study of seismicity in the region of the Jalisco Block using data recorded by the Jalisco Seismic Accelerometric Telemetric Network between June and December 2015. During this period, 683 local earthquakes with magnitudes between 1.0<ML4.0 were identified and relocated with Hypo71PC. From this catalog, we identify a heterogeneous hypocentral distribution with six continental crustal seismogenic areas. We also observed seismicity associated with the subduction process that extends 180 km from the Mesoamerican trench, which suggests an estimated dip angle of the slab between 22° and 31°. A subtle dip also suggests oblique subduction toward the Colima rift zone and bending of the Rivera plate. These observations are in agreement with previous partial regional studies using local seismic networks. Two seismic swarms were observed in this period, one in the Bahia de Banderas seismogenic zone, and a second in the Guadalajara Metropolitan zone. We note two areas on the northern coast of Jalisco with meager rates of seismicity.

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