An extensive search of documentary data is carried out to compile an earthquake catalog and reappraise the historical seismicity of Tunisia. Despite the seismic potential of the region, very little is known about the historical seismicity. First, an assessment of 21 seismological compilations, including 7 unpublished reports, is done to draft the earthquake catalog of Tunisia and to retrieve macroseismic information related to all compiled earthquakes. Historical records are then investigated jointly with macroseismic catalogs to define or redefine the macroseismic locations and estimate the intensities of the earthquakes of Tunisia according to the European Macroseismic Scale. A comprehensive database of about 330 seismic events is established; it contains more than 600 texts as background information and supports our knowledge of the seismicity of Tunisia for the period 1758–1981. Of these events, 57 earthquakes caused slight to important damage. The collected information and the results of the related analysis in terms of earthquake parameters and intensity observations have been structured into a database that is made freely available to all users.

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