Vast stores of paper‐ and film‐based seismograms require novel solutions to extract their unique seismological data. We created a prototype software tool called SKATE (Software Kit for Automatic Trace Extraction) that is designed for high‐speed, low‐cost digitization of these archives. SKATE is a web‐based program that requires a user only to navigate to a website (see Data and Resources) to begin digitizing seismogram images. The software is free, is server based, requires no software downloads, is open source, and has digitized up to the point of editing more than 30,000 World‐Wide Standard Seismographic Network (WWSSN) images. It is based on a set of image‐processing algorithms that identify real seismogram features while rejecting spurious noise and which attempts to assign these features to their proper place in a time series. Users can edit the results and download the data for further processing. The code is publicly available and is readily modifiable by qualified researchers.

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