The RSNI‐Picker2 (Regional Seismic network of Northwestern Italy, University of Genova) automatic phase detector, picker, and locator is presented, as well as the analysis of its performance in real‐time monitoring of earthquakes and nontectonic events. The major improvements of this algorithm with respect to previous ones are the iterative coupling between picking and probabilistic nonlinear locations and a dynamic selection of time windows for close phase onsets or contemporary events. Calculation of strong‐motion parameters and discrimination of out‐of‐network events can also be achieved.

Automatic results from RSNI‐Picker2, its original version (RSNI‐Picker), and other automatic picking codes are compared with a reference manual dataset of 1445 local earthquakes of northwestern Italy. RSNI‐Picker2 shows significantly higher precision (91%) and accuracy (98.3% within ±0.1  s) in P‐phase picking, with a recall of 75% for the selected setup. A similar robust picking of S phases (94% precision, 71% recall), with 89.2% of residuals within ±0.2  s, ensures accurate and reliable automatic earthquake locations, especially for local‐suited setup with well‐constrained crustal velocity models. We find RSNI‐Picker2 also applicable for real‐time automatic environmental monitoring, as for quarry shots and large rockfalls.

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