A homogeneous estimate of moment magnitude (M) for small‐to‐moderate‐magnitude (SMM) earthquakes is important to assess regional ground‐motion attenuation and seismic hazard. Multiple estimates of M for SMM events are often available from regional agencies. These estimates are typically biased compared with the estimates from a global agency due to limited geographic or azimuthal convergence. The M of SMM earthquakes near the border between Japan and Taiwan is available from both the Broadband Array in Taiwan for Seismology and the Full Range Seismograph Network of Japan for M>3. The M provided by these agencies is compared with that by the Global Centroid Moment Tensor for M>4.5 to estimate the bias and standard deviation of the values. An optimum data fusion of these Ms is presented to obtain a homogeneous estimation of M for SMM earthquakes (4.5<M<5.0) near the border between Japan and Taiwan.

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