We present SeisTomoPy, a new Python tool that facilitates the use of a suite of tomographic models available to the public, with a single program. We placed particular emphasis on providing a tool that will be freely available on a GitHub platform and that is based on free software, Python and Fortran. SeisTomoPy provides six tools that allow the user to visualize tomographic models, compare them, and extract information for further scientific purposes. The tool comes with a graphical interface with intuitive buttons and simple parameters but the same information can also be gained using the Python classes that can be run routinely in Python scripts. This tool is suitable for global and spherical tomographic models and is provided with a default list of eight recent tomographic models. However, the users can also upload their own model if desired. By facilitating the wider use of tomographic models, SeisTomoPy aims at encouraging a wider community of geophysicists to explore tomographic models in more detail.

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