A new strong‐motion database for El Salvador covering 50 yrs of network monitoring activity (1966–2017) has been prepared under the Universidad Católica de El Salvador (UNICAES) strong‐motion program, employing open‐source codes in Fortran language and compilers. We applied modern digital signal processing techniques to correct both analog and digital recordings of the upper‐crustal, subduction, and outer‐rise earthquakes in the region. The resulting database comprises a total of 2418 triaxial accelerograms related to 340 earthquakes. The peak ground acceleration varies from 1 to 1100  cm/s2, with a moment magnitude range from 3.0 to 8.1 and epicentral distances from 0.15 to 674 km. This database will be used to develop specific ground‐motion prediction equations for the next seismic hazard maps of El Salvador.

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